ILCI of Todi (Pg-Italy)

Looking for the lost faun

Ilci- Elce from latin Ilex

Ilci castle of Todi
Ilci hamlet located in the Municipality of Todi (Perugia-Italy)
Included in the landscape circuits of the Municipality of Todi.
281 residents ( 26 of them are foreigners)
30 residents in the ancient castle.

Year 2014: New flooring (View photo)


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 Ilci and Todi, located a few kilometers away, look at each other and reassure each other, on their own hill and are proud to defend the memory of their past.
The elves, less numerous than once but of which there are still ancient examples, continue to watch over and take care of the people and their stories.

An anonymous chronicler writes:
"Black elves flaunted in heaven as prayers".
And here temple had been consecrated to Fauno, God of the woods; a temple a “where good wishes were made".
The view is particularly evocative, with Todi and other castles in the distance.
To the west, the Tiber River, down in the plain, has seen humanity and epochs passing through. Now it is filthy and "profaned", once it was limpid and welcoming.
Up to 50 years ago, women were used to wash their "clothes" and lay them down in the sun, like Nausicaa and her maid servants did, before meeting Ulysses.
For hundreds of years, before our accelerated age, the relationship between man and nature had a symbiotic harmony.
Ilci extraordinarily continues to bring us back to a rarefied and enchanted atmosphere, suitable to keep daily small dreams and to alleviate the wounds of time and life.

Immagini a cura di Andrea Ceccarini